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You Don't Know JS!

Variables is just giving a useful name to a piece of memory. It's good to think of variables as wires pointing going from your code to a universe of JavaScript values


A function is generally a named section of code that can be "called" by name, and the code inside it will run each time.

function greetStudent(student) {
		`Hello, ${} !`	

function timeRemaining(timeElapsed, endTime) {
	return endTime - timeElapsed;

var left = timeRemaining(42,240);


Learning programming is like building blocks. To build a tall tower, you start first by putting block on top of block on top of block. Some essential programming building blocks:

  • You need operators to perform actions on values.
  • You need values and types to perform different kinds of actions like math on numbers or output with strings.
  • You need variables to store data (aka state) during your program's execution.
  • You need loops to repeat tasks until a condition stops being true.
  • You need functions to organize your code into logical and reusable chunks.

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